Looking For 99% Accurate Signals for Your Crypto Signal Trading?

You have come to the right place at the right time. We took positive steps forward to present to you a workable and 99% accurate trading signals for your cryptocurrency trading. 

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Sayings in crypto trading is ‘’Fun To Trade’’, ‘’Earn Up to 80%, 90% In Less Than 1 Hour’’, etc… this is true, but normal trading without the slightest clue of what you’re about investing on is very important. Mere trading does not bring the profits so easily. It is fun to trade when your stakes are doing well (earning good cash regularly) and it is not fun when things turns the opposite (always losing).

That’s why we took these steps to making sure Crypto Traders are not mis-led in this new, most fun, most convenient and most profitable way of earning good money in the Foreign Exchange Markets – CryptoCurrency Markets.
The basic constricts in crypto trading is Prediction! Knowing the right direction for making the 70%, 80% and up to 99% returns for an investment requires professionalism. You may know how to trade, but predictions are the main and major aspects of doing well in the Crypto-Currencies Trading Markets. With 1-pip move in the right direction (trend) can make you profit in less than 10 Minutes and also 1-pip move in the wrong direction can make you to lost a vital trades or positions.

Now receive some set of trading signals directly to your Whatsapp, mobile phone, e-mail, Skype and Facebook 24/7 live to trade with and make the most profitable investment of all-time and be happy with your financial life!

Our signal gives you a simple signal direction, entry points for a particular crypto-coin to trade on. Results are 99% oriented and accurate, 99% profits potentials.

Get a subscription based signals or Free signals for life, with any of our IB Brokers.

Minimum deposit;$100

1. FinMax

2. LH-Crypto

Signals Subscription Plans and Cost (Fees)

  • I Week Trails cost $50 (WhatsApp Signals Only)
  • 15-Days Plan cost $75 (Skype, WhatsApp Signals Only) 
  • Monthly Plan cost $125
  • 2 Months Plan cost $250
  • 3 Months Plan cost $350
  • 6 Months Plan cost $650
  • 1-Year Plan cost $1450

To subscribe, contact us via live-chat, or Skype, WhatsApp, Email or call us directly on the phone. 

Are Your Signals Accurate?

Yes! Our signals are 99% accurate and make up to 300% of your investments per month. After you have sign up, you either buy trails signals to test our signals accuracy and if after the trail you feel not satisfied with the service you may deceide not buy a bigger signal plan after the trails period.

What Are The Trail Period?

To test the accuracy of our signals please subscribe to a trails plan for week at $50 cost price.

Our Signals Features on Options Expiring

  • Short Term Trading
  • Interday Trading
  • Long Term Trading

How Do I Get Signals?

You will receive our signals live 24/7 directly to your;

  • Mobile Phone/SMS Alerts
  • Skype (All Day Signals)
  • Facebook (All Day Signals)
  • WhatsApp (All Day Signals)
  • Phone Call (VIP Package only)

What Plan Can I Receive Signals On Phone Calls?

For this purpose, we’ve make this plan available also for those traders who don’t stay online regularly. Only through the  6-months and 1-Year Plans you will get direct phone calls from our experts for trades signal.

How Many Signals Do You Provide Daily?

Typically 5-20 accurate signals. But this depends on your subscription plan, for one Month Plan we provide 5-8 signals daily, three Months Plans we provide up to 10 signals daily, for six Months Plan we provide 20 signals daily while for the Yearly Plan we provide unlimited signals daily. 


Your signals are simply the best in terms of accuracy and reliability, one cannot compare your signals with other providers.  I finally started to turn this into a profitable trading and I appreciate the nice profits you have brought to me so far.  You are a dream come true …

Natalie, Singapore

More Success Stories

What Are The Examples Of Your Trades Signals?

Signal call samples;

Today’s signals 20-01-2018

  Signal Strenth: 0.05%

  • Symbol: BTC

         Entry Price: 7500

         Take Profit: 7750

         Stop Loss: 7450

         Direction/Trend: BUY

  Signal Strenth: 0.03%
  • Symbol: ETH

         Entry Price: 520

         Take Profit: 480

         Stop Loss: 540

         Direction/Trend: SELL

Weekend Signals

We provide signals on weekends also. We also provide in pairs. BTC/USD, BTC/ETH, BTC/EUR, ETH/USD, ETH/EUR, ETH/BTC, LTC/USD, BCH/USD amd many more pairs


Compare your local time with our released time. Our time is measured in GMT+ 1. And our signals are released on time from 7AM GMT+1 Nigeria Time 24/7.

What Assets Do You Provide Signals?

We provide signals in all-crypto coins and including altcoins.

How Do I Order?

It’s simple. To make an order for any Signal Plan of your choice, visit our signals registration page by clicking here to place an order for any subscription plan of your interest.

Click Here to Buy a Signal Subscription Plan Now! 

I Can’t Find Your Payment Bank Account Details!

On the Signals Subscription page, you need to download the subscription form while filling it you will see our Bank Account details. Choose your preferred payment options and then send the form to us as instructed in the form.

If I Need Help or Have Questions Whom Should I Contact?

Contact our support team at any time from Monday to Sunday GMT+1 Nigeria Time. Click here to contact us now.
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