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Welcome to our Apps Signals Service. Our innovative and superior signals service has enable us to move to more advanced signals services since 2010. Trading signals on Skype and WhatsApp are the best and timely delivery medium to get quick signals alert than long-awaiting SMS and email signals.

With this new trading revolutionary system and new technologically advanced age, we are able to provide even 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 120 seconds and 300 seconds options to your apps; Skype and WhatsApp.

Moreover, we offer the best and unbeatable prices in the binary options industry. No need for SMS or Email signals. Get signals alert instantly on your Apps with ease. All you need is a mobile phone or a tablet. If you do not have any of the app on your phone, kindly download them here or on your phone Apps Store.



                      Our apps signals will give you an edge over others signals that you have used before. Try it now.

Get a subscription based signals or Free signals for life, with any of our IB Brokers.

Minimum deposit;$250

1. FinMax
2. RaceOption

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Signals Plan                                    Prices                   Period                                No. Of Signals Daily Features                        
Trails $25  1 Week   3-5 WhatsApp
 Starter   $100  1 Month  5-8 WhatsApp
 Micro  $255  3 Months  8-10 WhatsApp
 Standard  $450  6 Months  10-12 WhatsApp
 VIP  $900  1 Year (12 Months)  15 WhatsApp
 VIP Special  $1800  2 Years (24 Months)  25 WhatsApp

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Our signal gives you a simple signal direction, duration, quick entry and expiring for a particular asset to trade on. Results are 85% oriented and accurate, 85% profits potentials.

To subscribe, contact us via live-chat, or Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, Email or call us directly on the phone. 

Are Your Signals Accurate?

Yes! Our signals are 85% accurate and make up to 300% of your investments per month. After you have sign up, you will receive unlimited signals on your apps 24/5 non-stop.

To view our past records or past trades Results/Histories; Click Here

Our Signals Features On Options Expiring

  • 30 Seconds Options
  • 60 Seconds Options
  • 120 Seconds Options
  • 300 Seconds Options
  • 5 Minutes Options
  • 10 Minutes Options
  • 15 Minutes Options
  • 20 Minutes Options
  • 30 Minutes Options
  • 45 Minutes Options
  • 1 Hour Options
  • 1 Hour 30 Minutes Options
  • 2 Hours Options
  • 3 Hours Options
  • End Of Day Options (EOD)
  • End Of Week Options (EOW)
  • End Of Month Options (EOM)

How Do I Get Signals?

You will receive our signals live 24/5 directly to your;

  • Mobile Phone Apps
  • Skype (All Day Signals)
  • WhatsApp (All Day Signals)

How Do I Get The Apps?

Simple click on the apps icon above and start downloading Skype and WhatsApp apps or from your phone/tab apps store, after the download wait for your account to be activated and you will be added to our live trading rooms. We will add you on Skype and WhatsApp room, so download both apps.  In case your phone can’t skype, please download the WhatsApp app only. 


Icon Group has been an evolutional lifeline to my trading experience. I have tried several signal systems that I could get my hands on, in my quest to be successful in binary options trading. Some of them included,, proSignals and lots that I cannot remember now. Absolutely, none worked. I kept trying because I knew that someday I will get the right one. The only one I enjoyed was which is not currently available, but it worked fine on forex traditional trading platform.Icon Group Inc. is now my backbone and since I subscribed for the services, my trading experience on Binary options has been profitable. I have been working with the signal provider for a month and I do strongly recommend it. Thanks for the services and helping clients like us succeed, against all odds. I am sincerely satisfied.

Rabin Yero, USA.
                                                                    More Success Stories


How Many Signals Do You Provide Daily?

We provide unlimited signals for all signals plan, irrespective of the signal price you paid for. This is to better all our subscribers even if you miss a trading sessions.

When My Subscriptions Has Expired Will I Be Added To The Rooms?
No, once your plan is expired, we will remove you from our rooms.

What Are The Examples Of Your Trades Signals?

Signal call/put samples;

Today’s signals 07-07-2015

  •  EURUSD Above (Call) or Up

           Expires 15 Minutes [with entry]
           Can Trade @ 30 Minutes too

  • GBPUSD Below (Put) or Down

            Expires 1 Hour, 30 Minutes [with entry]

  • GOLD Above (Call) or Up

            Expires 300 Seconds [with entry]

  • CRUDE OIL Down (Put) or Below

            Expires 1 hour, 30 Minutes [with entry]

  • GOOGLE Above (Call) or Up

            Expires @ 20;00, 22:00, 23:00 & 23:30 EOD [07-07-2015] – [with entry]

  • NASDAQ Below (Put) Down

            Expires  @ 17:10 GMT EOW [07-07-2015] – [with entry]

  • S&P Down (Put) Below

            Expires @ 17:10 GMT EOM [07-07-2015] – [with entry]

Weekend Signals

Touch/Range Options

  •  EURUSD Down (Put) Below

            Expires 2 Hours, 30 minutes [with entry]

  • GOLD Put (Call) Up

            Expires 1 Hours, 15 Minutes [with entry]



Compare your local time with our released time. Our time is measured in GMT+ 1. And our signals are released on time from 7AM GMT+1 Nigeria Time.

What Assets Do You Provide Signals?
We provide signals on all-assets. Forex Currencies, Stocks, Commodities and Indices Markets.

How Do I Order?
It’s simple. To make an order for any Signal Plan of your choice, visit our signals registration page by clicking here to place an order for any subscription plan of your interest.

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I Can’t Find Your Payment Bank Account Details!
On the Signals Subscription page, you need to download the subscription form while filling it you will see our Bank Account details. Choose your preferred payment options and then send the form to us as instructed in the form.

If I Need Help or Have Questions Whom Should I Contact?
Contact our support team at any time from Monday to Sunday GMT+1 Nigeria Time. Click here to contact us now.


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