CashGroupSolutions Binary Options Daily Return Investment Program (DRIP)

Welcome to our Binary Options Daily Return Investment Program. DRIP is not a replacement for HYIP. DRIP is an initiative and ideal for investors looking for high returns on their investment daily and weekly. DRIP was introduced because of the professionalism and efficacy of our performances in the past few years in trading in the Financial Markets (Forex and Binary Options). With our DRIP we return up to 3% daily and up-to 25% weekly for your investment with us.

Our DRIP Trading Features

  • Up to 3% Daily Returns
  • Up to 25% Weekly Returns
  • Low Deposit/Withdrawals Charges
  • Up to 5-Business Days Investment Profits Returns
  • Fastest Withdrawals & Secure Payment Options
  • Best Monthly Compounding & Best Investment Choice  
  • Segregated Accounts with our Licensed & Regulated Brokers
  • Our Brokers offers the most secured and advanced Technology in FX Markets
  • Feasible Fixed Return on Investment Capital Losses
  • Instant SMS/Email Alerts on payments notification

Binary Options DRIP is here to override the HYIP Due diligence and scam. Why let your money fall into the wrong hands? The CashGroupSolutions leaders in FX Markets double your money weekly while you are still able to get your Capital Investment back and making stable and calculated profits daily.

Binary Options DRIP Investment Plans & Account Type
DRIP Plan    Minimum/Maximum
Investment Capital  
Daily Returns
Weekly Returns
Referral Commission 
    For every deposit above $250 USD. Earn 2% Daily with total 10% for 5 business days. Weekly payout. Limited Time Offer Only. Hurry Now!
Starter  $100  1.00%  5.00%  10%  Weekly  12 Months 1%
Starter Plus  $200  1.25%  6.25%  10%  Weekly  12 Months 3%
Mini  $250  1.35%  6.75%  10%  Weekly  12 Months 5%
Micro  $500  1.50%  7.50%  10%  Weekly  12 Months 6%
Classic  $1000  1.85%  9.25%  10%  Weekly  12 Months 8%
Silver  $5000  2.00%  10%  10%  Weekly  12 Months 10%
Gold  $10000  2.50%  12.5%  10%  Weekly  12 Months 12%
Platinum  $25000  3.00%  15%  10%  Weekly  12 Months 15%
VIP  $50000  5.00%  25%  10%  Weekly  12 Months 22%
  Deposit/Withdrawal Methods Bank/Wire Transfer, Local Bank Transfer, PerfectMoney, WebMoney, OKPay, Payza, BitCoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Payeer, WesternUnion & MoneyGram (PayPal – Withdrawals Only) 

Binary Options DRIP FAQs

Is this program available worldwide?
Yes, the Binary Options DRIP is available worldwide regardless of the country or the region you live.

What are your deposit/withdrawal methods?
At present we accept Bank Wire Transfer, Local Bank Deposit, PerfectMoney, WebMoney, Payza, OKPay, BitCoin, Payeer, Western Union and MoneyGram Transfer.

If I deposit with Local Bank can I withdraw with PerfectMoney?
No. This is STP – Straight Through Processing payment. The method you used to deposit is the only method you can use to withdraw. But we can use PayPal to pay you. 

How many days does it take to withdraw?
Since returning of daily earnings are based on weekly payment, 5 days returns are paid in 3 to 7 business days, e-wallet users are paid within 1-12 hours and which depends on the method of withdrawal.

Do you pay on weekends?
Yes, weekend’s payment is available to PerfectMoney, WebMoney, OKPay, Payza, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitCoin, Payeer, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram and Local Bank Transfer (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking) users.

The 5 days weekly investment returns is based on calendar month or business days?
Our daily investment returns is based on business days.

What type of compounding do you have?
At the moment we can only offer 22 business days per cycle compounding for six months, and scheduled to weekly payout to enable us to meet up with our investment scheme and payouts.

What are your charges?
All deposit/withdrawals methods are subjected to low charges regardless of the payment option and exchange rate.

What other charges do you have?
We do not charge you anything else apart from the deposit and withdrawal charges which is determined by your location and vendor.

What is the minimum/maximum investment amount I can deposit?
Minimum and maximum investment amount depends on the account types we have as shown in each of the account types you chosen.

What is the maximum amount I can withdraw per week?

This is based on your daily returns calculated at end of each 5 business day cycle. You can withdraw all your profits or a percentage of it and keep it running for the next succeeding cycle for compounding.

When is investment capital return?
The principle is returned after 12 business months or you can choose to re-invest for as many cycles as you wish to.

How Does The Fixed Income Returns Works?
The fixed returns is a compensation from us in case you loss all your invested capital within the period of your investment with us. You may loss all your capital due to the high risk we’ll take in your account.
How do I sign up?
To register for our Binary Options DRIP Program. You need to download the form below here. Fill it accurately and send it back to the specified mail in the application form. 

Click Here to Register Now!

If you're depositing via Western Union or MoneyGram, please download the form below to get our payment details in full. Fill the form as required and send it back to the email on the form. 

 Click Here to Download Western Union and MoneyGram Payment Form

I have friends to refer, do you have affiliate program for Binary Options DRIP?
Yes.  After you signed up in the Binary Options DRIP program, you will received an unique referral code.  Your referral can quote this when they join us.

Which are your DRIP affiliate commissions plans?
Presently we offered Revenue Share (RVS) the commission of 22% to 1%  per potential deposit.

What are the available transaction options for the DRIP affiliate and the date for the commissions payment?
We pay by Bank/Wire Transfer, Local Bank Payments, PerfectMoney, WebMoney, Payza, PayPal, OKPay, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitCoin, Payeer, Western Union and MoneyGram. Referral Commissions payout is 15 day of the next succeeding month upon each successful referral.

Binary Options DRIP Terms - Investors Notice 

1. All Binary Options DRIP charges for deposit/withdrawals is 10% regardless of the payment options and methods. 

2. If there's any delay in our account funding system beyond our control, we'll take atleast 4-6 months for full refund of initial deposit, while fees and charges are also being taken for the period of depositing/withdrawal or refunding. At this point, your investment daily payout will be suspended while we resolved the issues. 

3. Trading in the Binary Options DRIP carries significant risk of lost of initial capital, so therefore consider your money as investment in the Foreign Exchange Markets and not High Yielding Investment Programs or some sort of get rich-quick-schemes.

4. At certain time, all investment accounts can be suspended due to financial issues with your daily payout and with our account funding facilities.

5. Funds/Money invested in this program are met for trading in the Binary Options/Forex Markets only with high returns and also with high risk.

6. By registering and partaking in our DRIP and on our website you automatically agreed and bound by these terms and conditions and including the terms of the use of our services. Click here for more details.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us on Skype, WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook, WeChat, ICQ, Live-Chat, Email and by Telephone 24/7 GMT + 1.                                          

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