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2013 Website Traffic Statistics and Reports

Branding: Our website (Cash Group Solutions) received more than 440176 visits/day on average and our global Alexa Traffic Rank is 3,767,372 in world – this number is increasing daily. The readers, users and visitors that are highly interested in Forex trading, Binary Options trading, Online Form Filling Jobs/outsourcing jobs and other online work-at-home money making opportunities. The majority of our site’s users and visitors comes from United States, United Kingdom, Greece, Brazil, France, Turkey, Japan, China, Philipines, Poland, Russian Federation, Mexico, Thailand, Colobia, Cyprus, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, India, Nigeria, Ghana, South-Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Cameroon, Uganda, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Canada, Spain, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Singapore, Australia, Ukraine,  and Sri Lanka –Asia the countries with the growing popularity and most internet penetration, please visit about us page for more details of users from each country. Having your business information displayed on our website will surely expand your brand awareness. If you are interested in advertising your Brands or Product to our users, visitors and readers of Cash Group Solutions, you can choose one of the available options below.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): The Google Page Rank of our home page is 2 and our products overview page, 2(Page Rank is Google’s view of the importance of a web page; the maximum value is 10; Live is 3); On Yahoo is 2. Having external links from our website will definitely contribute to your search engine ranking. 

We accept all kinds of ads, provided it meets our criteria.

Take A Tour Of Our Website Stats Here; Click Here to view our site traffic statistics and traffic information.

Advertising Modes

1. Top Banner (728x90) - the most notable banner on site that will definitely drive traffic to the advertised offer and will also increase brand-awareness among the target audience. The cost is now $150/month. 

2. Sidebar or Site Center Banner (120x600)
 - a skyscraper banner that is noticeable even when the reader is scrolling down to browse the site or navigating through the site. It's an affordable solution to drive even more focused traffic. The cost of this advertisement placement is $250/month. 

3. Text link (up to 25 characters long)
 - a link will be placed at the top of the pages - either left sidebar or center page. Text link advertisements may be more effective than the graphical ones as they tend to drive visitors' attention and are visible in all browsers. The cost of this advertisement placement is $99/month if choose to be placed on home page. Cost $125/month for other pages.

                                                               Click here to Buy Now 

Apart from these three types of advertising methods, your preferred adverts method or style is also acceptable. Nevertheless, if you chose to advertise with us your brand will also be shown on pages where targeted used most, including an addition to show your brand awareness in three different pages that we know generates more traffic for your brand without additional costs.

How it Works!

For your business/brand advertisement and ads (high CPA campaigns) or website link placement on our site pages, please see below how it works and how to get yours placed on our pages or on our Partners Lists and  Sponsors Lists.

Besides displaying your product, website, business in our Partners Lists, Advertising page, we will make you a web page with the content you specify, including texts, images, links, videos etc.  
- For advertisers who want to advertise with us should send their ads codes, banner ads, text ads, video ads, picture ads or their website URL link or Company brand logo etc to us via email. Visit our support center to contact our advertising manager.

This service is the cheapest and cost effective to use compared with our popular advertising modes! Where you have to search all-over the web before potential customer’s catches-up with your site? Payments are made (per month). This means that you only pay for your brand per a month and it cost just $75 for placement on homepage and now $50 for other pages – limited only to Text-Link Ad and for a very-limited time!

This Is A Limited Time Offer! After this Offer Is Expired Your Ads Will Cost $75 Per Month On Homepage and Other Pages - for Text-Link Ad

No coupon code is required. Just pay only $45 Dollars and you could be on your way to getting unlimited traffic and billions of clicks per year through our website.

Hopefully, every advertisers know this is not worth the amount you paid for Google AdwordsYahoo Advertising, and MSN Advertising etc. But we make it so flexible and easy for everyone to have an opportunity to advertise their products online. We help you to promote your ads in-the-sense that once a visitor sees your ads, it attract him/her to click on them.

See the ads on our side banner.

Please Note: That this is not PPC or PTC or whatever advertising mode. You are not going to be paid by us, except if you send adsense ads codes to us to monetize for you on our website, if you have adsense ads your adsense ads program will pay you.
Also note that ads placement cost only $75 USD or N25, 000 NGN per month; per each page for text ad and where you wish your ads should be display. Only one ads that will be shown per page.

*** If you want to advertise your ads or products within the expiration date or within some periods of time, you will still have to pay the $45 (monthly) fee of the service or equivalent.

Take advantage of this special offers and cost effective low prices today! Over 440176 people are visiting and using this site per day within and outside Nigeria. Let us introduce your business to them.          


For More inquiries, please go to SUPPORT CENTER for help and contact advertising manager. 
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