Binary Options Advanced Training

To become a leader and be successful in this industry professionalism is never an exceptional. Knowing the basic aspect of trading binary options is not all that qualifies you to be a successful trader. Anyone can click the CALL and PUT button without knowing what he/she is doing and what the outcome of the trade is going to be. Haven studied various financial markets for years; we noticed that knowing the how of a thing is not the best way to succeed in your career.

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CGS the leaders in Binary Options Markets has launched her Binary Options Advanced Courses for all traders in this industry. The reasons why only 80% of Binary Options trader are not successful is not the capital they have to trade with or the knowledge they have acquired to trade a simple CALL or PUT Options. The reason is Professionalism.

What is Professionalism?

professional is a person who is engaged in a certain activity, or occupation, for gain or compensation as means of livelihood; such as a permanent career, not as an amateur or pastime.

To profit in life and in your business or career you must leave the level of amateur to become an expert. Most traders in this industry are still amateur even after 2 years of their studies. Most people jump started and they eventually ended up with nothing in their account to take out. Most of you found the simple guides on brokers website that guides you on how to click your mouse on the CALL and PUT options button and after two to three weeks you ended up with zero balance.  

The best way to keep your profits in line in this industry will be revealed to you in this courses and how to know what asset you are trading before you start trading. We will also show you how to analyze the markets each time to know a direction in which you are supposed to know.

The courses will reveal two very possible way of trading binary options using Forex analysis to profit. With this, you will be able to see the moves and the behavior about the asset you are investing in.

The primary objective of this courses is to reveal the professional way of trading the binary options markets. You cannot analyze the binary options platform from your brokers’ platform. This is what 95% traders don’t know and they complain that their broker is a cheater by manipulating price quotes. It’s doesn’t matters how the spreads your broker have that will affect your trade. All you need is just one pip moving to the right direction.

You too can become a professional trader if only you give yourself to learn these courses. Sign up now by selecting the suitable courses duration now for your convenience.

The advanced training was designed for you to be acquainted with the binary options trading markets effectively and be able to achieve maximum success.

Training Plan/Duration & Cost

  • One month training course cost = $ 150

One month training features; two days re-training/revision, One month complete training duration, 10 Minutes Telephone Support, One Training book, One broker for training, 5 Free signals every week for one month, and one free eBook supports.

Types of Training Offered!
We offer two types of Training:
  • Virtual (Online) One on One Live Online Training On Skype
  • Face-To-Face (Offline) Training

Training schedules

  • Morning sessions – from 9am – 12 pm
  • Afternoon sessions – from 1pm – 3pm
  • Evening sessions – from 4pm – 6pm
  • Night sessions – from 7pm – 9pm

Please compare the training timing with your local time and convenience before you chose. It cannot be changed after you have chosen any of the training time. All our training time are schedule in GMT+1 Nigeria Time.

If any of the training sessions is not in-line with your time schedules or you will not be able to meet-up or too busy at these time(s) periods. Please feel free to contact us to speak with one of our training mentor for a personal conversation to allow you to relax and learn this advanced market well and to let you acquired the necessary knowledge.

One on one personal coach

You will be assign a professional and experienced traders with years of experience in this industry. Our courses are open 24/7 and our instructors are available whenever the market is open (Monday – Sunday).

Training features and support

You will have live access to our Live-Chat support, Skype Video and Audio Calls, ICQ, up to 5 Hours Telephone Support twice per week, and eBooks materials and guides.


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What you will learn in our advanced training includes;

  • Using MT4 Platform to trading Binary Options with ease
  • Trading from your MT4 Platform by detecting the right entry points
  • How to Generate signals yourself
  • How to know a trend direction to trade with
  • How to pinpoint the right entry
  • Knowing how to analyze the technical analytical aspect of trading
  • Using the fundamental analysis to trade successfully and sufficiently
  • Knowing the right ASSET to invest in
  • How to trade Forex Options, Commodities Options, Stocks Options and Indices Options
  • How to know the right expiration of your options
  • How to trade LONG and SHORT Options
  • How to overcome greed while trading binary options
  • How to manage your trading risk effectively… and many more.

At CGS we focus only on the best. If you want to succeed in this markets, this is the time to subscribe to your divine success now. Never let this opportunity pass you by today.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us 24/7 any-time GMT+1. 

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