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Most traders think the important element in Forex Trading success is knowledge, Computer-generated-software’s, Forex Robots of whatever-kind. In our trading career we have found that Correct Knowledge and The Ability to Change Behavior, Your Emotions, Your-Trading Psychology And Your-Trading-Strategies are the most important parts of successful trading. Correct knowledge without behavior modification projects improper execution of an otherwise perfect trading plan.

In over 7-years of learning correct trading knowledge and behavior modification, we have included in our trading plans two rules that present us with the ability to change our thinking and behavior. Both rules are required for successful trading. Upon urging... from a long-time trading… friends, we shall share our insight on these rules.

Successful Trading

By trade, we are not a writer nor is Art. We are both traders, but it is our desire to present insight into what is required in successful trading. This project was agreeable to us if we would do it on our terms. We came to an agreement on our terms of how it would be presented and that it would be presented as we wished.

Our agreement was that we would remain in our own privacy. We would not give our name but only our approval in writings about our insights of trading. You may call us "Fx-Analyzer." Your success in trading shall be at your own hand and direction. You shall also know us as Cash-Group-Solutions, a shadow in your success. That's how we wish it to be. 


The foreign exchange market directly impacts every bond, equity, private property, manufacturing asset and any investments accessible to foreign investors. Foreign exchange rates play a major role in financing government deficits, equity ownership in companies and real-estate holdings. Foreign exchange trading helps determine who hires and fires employees, and who owns the banks at which you maintain your corporate and personal accounts. The currency in your pocket is literally stock in your country, and like a share, its value fluctuates on the international market providing knowledgeable traders with substantial opportunities for profit or loss. That is the real truth about it. But…

...Nevertheless, with our strategy, systems and correct knowledge of trading the Forex market for over seven+ years market experience, we have been able to put together a killer system and we are willing to give you too the basic knowledge and training require to trade the Forex market to earn real money like we do every single day the market is open?

E-BOOK - Basic Strategies and Techniques of Forex Trading

What you are about to read will change how you trade forever. Not only will it change how you trade, it will change how you look at the market. You will not find this in any other book or web-site. This is a Real unique discovery. We are not talking about how to combined technical indicators here or how to put some calculator into your trading software terminal to analyze the market for-where it tells you if the market is going up trend or down trend here.

We are going to show you exactly how to pinpoint your entry price, your exit price and where to put your Stop-Loss and Take-Profit orders! All in this e-book. Look, the problem with most traders is that they lose their account before they even get a chance to understand how the market works. We know very - Because We have been there.

We know what it's like to watch every pip on the screen until your eyeballs go red and no single (cent) come out of your computer! We know what it's like to have a losing position turn bad just as you're ready to take your profit. We know what it's like when the tiny red-line wiped out your entire trades and put a STOP to your Trading Career. We also know what it's like to have your own money on the line and not able to have full control of it!

You see! Everyone claims to be an expert until it comes to putting their hard earned Cash on the table. When you lose almost everything, you feel the PAIN! If you have five or ten losing trades in a row, you are ready to give-up. Isn’t?

That's exactly how We felt when we started trading. Then we did not know what it really takes to pinpoint entry. We know there had to be a better way-out of this Struggling on every trades! We were certain there had to be a way to trade that didn't put us on an emotional state and how we can catch-in 50 to 100 pips in a row every day. We also know we could crack the CODE and CATCH up with the right trend.

What Did You Do Next?

We started by analyzing, manipulating and trying to discover what method best suites us. So we started reducing our trading methods/strategies down to measurable parts, this allowed us to analyze (figure-out) the parts that didn't work fine.

During those periods we have already lose about $5000 Dollars. But yet, We did not give-up at-all. We still took the plunge! All this didn't happen over-night. It took us 3 LONG...LONG...LONG... years of sleepless nights, countless paper works, frustration and countless combination of indicators and third parties systems...

At the end the CODE was cracked!

What you are about to get is not software that analyzes the Forex market for you! But you-yourself is the ''Analyzer''. That's why traders call us (Fx Analyzer). This is not kind's of methods of getting in-and-out of the Forex market with the minimum risk and the maximum gain. It is not scalping trading systems. With this system and your complete mind-set behind it, you will be able to trade with set-rules, have confidence and emotionally free and detach from any form of trading and rest assured controls your ''emotional and psychological factors'' and have good executable plan before entry a position.

What this will do is save you years of research, frustrations, and give you a sound foundation/method of trading the Forex market than you have ever done before.

The book, like we said is a complete package and after reading the book and with a bit of practice you should become a very highly sophisticated trader and be able to provide accurate signals for yourself. The book to say is tailored about everything you need to know about Forex-especially for new, Intermediate, experienced, and the pros-trader(s). 

What is Included in this Course?

  • How to analyze the Forex markets
  • How to generate Forex signals with up to 100% accuracy
  • How to trade with confidence
  • How to trade Forex with a winning mindset
  • How to trade Forex with a psychological backed knowledge
  • How to pinpoint the right entry and exit
  • How to trade with a trading plan
  • How to trade Forex with a professional mindset
  • How to manage your trading risk and pinpoint profits
  • How to trade news markets while maximizing your trades positions
  • How to trade with price action strategy
  • How to identify a trade set-up
  • How to know the right currency to invest in
  • How to your account using the fundamental and technical analysis
  • How to develop your own Forex trading system
  • How to manage Risk effectively. Etc…

Most traders are too busy trying to look for the easy way with one click solution to actually make any money at this market. It's time to get the real and proven system. You need to get this book, learn the method, secrets revealed on the book and stick with it.  

Hopefully, you also need your portfolio grow? What is the point of making a fortune if you are stuck at the screen all day? Or your profits grow like snail? You need to be able to capture a trading opportunity within 5-10 minutes and then let the computer do the rest of the job!

Courses Availability/Duration and Cost

  • One month course cost - $200
  • Three months courses cost - $500
Types of Training Offered!
We offer two types of Training:
  • Virtual (Online) One on One Live Online Training On Skype
  • Face-To-Face (Offline) Training

Courses Time Table

Training Time Table





















   For a special or private class please contact us.

How to receive training

  • Online Training. One on One Live Training on Live-Chat, Skype Video and Voice Calls, Facebook Chat, ICQ Chat and including courses materials.
  • Offline Training. Face to Face Live Training. One on one personal training coach including Live-Chat Support, Skype Video and Voice Calls, Facebook Chat, ICQ Chat and also including courses materials.

How to Download Your Soft Copy of the E-Book 

At our member's only website ''Traders Secret Room'', there is a simple to follow, highly illustrated Forex Trading E-books and Manuals. It covers all the basics of the Forex market (for experienced and pros traders), provides a quick guide to our Trading Strategies and Techniques, and teaches you advanced trading techniques (for more expertise), as well as the psychology of Forex trading, money management strategy and entry and exit strategies.

In-conclusion...Our Online Forex trading training and courses does not employ...any...form...of...Forex...myths. Forex trading is not easy as making money is not easy...that is WHY you need all the necessary and compulsory training including e-books to guide and put you through all the compulsory courses/information about Forex...before you opt-in...or else you will be among the 90% traders who will cry foul and be financially damaged and run away forever and never want to hear anything about...Forex...any-more...that won't be your portion. But the only cure is to enroll in our professional courses today.

Let’s plan our financial future together now. Never regret your actions because it’s never too late to take another step higher. Let our pros show you the right path to success now.


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