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Affiliate Program

Monetize the traffic to your site and earn the highest paying commissions in the industry. Come join the top affiliate program making our associates thousands of dollars a month. There is no better time to start promoting CashGroupSolutions services from your site than now!

We provide all of the tools necessary for you to convert your existing traffic into sales. It's easy and only takes a few minutes to complete the sign up process. Earn up to $10 per referral!

Affiliate Structure 

Over $10, 000 Paid out to Affiliates Every Month! 

  • UNLIMITED Earning Potential
  • NO Monthly Minimum to Receive Payment
  • FREE Affiliate Membership

CGS Six-Tiers Affiliate Program

CGS offers its users an additional income stream via its advanced, six-tiers affiliate program. Every user in CGS is automatically eligible for our affiliate program participation with no deposit requirement. The illustration below is the representation of our affiliate scheme.

You will earn 10% on all investment deposits made by the clients referred by you directly. Such clients are considered to be your first level referrals.
Your first level referrals may at some point also become affiliate program participants themselves.
In this case if referred by you clients will in the future refer other clients, you will also earn additional 5% on their investment deposits as well. Such clients are considered to be your second level referrals. Accordingly, you will also earn another 2% on deposits of your level three referrals. Such clients are considered to be your third level referrals. Accordingly, you will also earn another 1% on deposits of your level three referrals.... etc

Please keep in mind that anything you do to promote CGS, may NOT involve any and all forms of "spam". Any form of spam activity is strictly prohibited by CGS, it will be reported to corresponding authorities and all commission earnings of the involved user will be forfeited.

Get $10 For Each New Referral!

You will get $10 as a new deposit (FREE Plan) for each new referral.  Our referral programs are not considered as partnership. For partnership programs see details below.

It is very easy! Try it now.

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Partnership Program

Become a real CGS's Partner and get your share of profits. Earn a percentage of the profits we generate together. We will reward you with a CPA commission for each real-money investors you refer to us.

CashGroupSolutions Partners allows you to choose your own commission plan.

Our goal is to make you all the necessary tools to maximize your profits, this is why we recommend a commission plan that would be most profitable for your traffic. If you are able to bring high value investors we would most definitely recommend the Revenue Share plan for you which allows you to enjoy bigger profits.



CPA - Most common commission plan in the industry like Binary Options and Forex.
We will reward you with a CPA commission for each real-money investor you refer to us. Our commission is very flexible all depending on the quality of your traffic. Our CPA commission ranges from $25- $75.


Revenue Share – become a real CGS's Partner and get your share of profits.
Earn a percentage of the profits we generate together.
Our Rev Share percentage ranges from 10%-15% 


Hybrid – Our hybrid commission model allows you to enjoy a combination of both our CPA and Revenue Share commission plan which can be your perfect solution if you are uncertain about which commission plan you would like to go with. 

Regional Representatives

If you want earn more money become our Regional Partner. Join our Global Partnership Program and Become a Regional Representative. Regional Representatives work closer with us and help us to spread the message of CashGroupSolutions in their respective countries to their fellow citizens in their native languages. As a reward Regional Representatives receive up to 35% higher referral commissions along with other benefits. 

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To become a Regional Representative you have 2 options: 

1. You have invested at least $250 dollars in any of our Programs, or have a combined investment of $250 dollars. 
2. You and the referrals you bring in have invested at least $250 dollars combined.

By becoming our Regional Representative: 

1. You'll receive Bigger Referral Commissions than our regular clients, up to 35%. 
2. You'll have your contacts displayed on our Global Partnership page which will help you to get more Referral and earn way more money than a regular client. 
3. As a regional representative you are free to have a scheduled visit to us in Nigeria to cross check all our legal documents with work with and meet other staff members. 
4. You can be paid by contacting us directly on the live chat; 
5. You earn commissions not only by the amount invested but also by the Program chosen. 

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